DU in oral biology and dental public health.

I occupied, for several years, the position of Clinical chief at the UL dental school and B.A.U

I was responsible in the dental prevention on the lebanese territory for public and private schools for several years.

Moreover, for the same purpose, I hosted a dental program on lebanese television Tele Lumi¨¨re and Noursat for several years..

I took part as a participant or speaker in different local and international dental conferences:
  • Dental Meetings at the Lebanese University
  • Dental Summit of the Lebanese Dental Association
  • Conferences organized by the European Association of osseo-integration
  • Europerio - Zimmer Dental Implant Summit in Puerto Rico, Barcelona and Antalia
  • Implant Direct Courses in California, USA
  • SIC Dental Implant Seminares
  • JD Evolution Dental Implant
  • ATA Implant Seminares
  • Maillfere Seminare
  • Endodontic treatment courses in Switzeland
  • Followed postgraduate courses at the New York University and Freiburg University in dental Implant
  • Workshop organized by Osteogenix at San Antonio, Texas
I participated in a lot of other special courses too.

Dental Implants
Oral Screening
Dental Imaging & Radiology
Dental Extraction
Maxillofacial Surgery
Dental Prosthesis
Dental Sealants
Child Dental Care
Gum Treatment & Gum Care
Minimally Invasive Fillings
Root Canal Treatment
Preventive Dentistry
Cosmetic Dental Treatment
Tooth Whitening